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Anonymous: Do you have any fetus Tay Jardine? 

Just posted some <3

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Anonymous: have you got any fetus Max Helyer? 

yee posting some now :)

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madness-is-not-an-illness: Your blog is actually so perfect! Keep up the great work! :3 

thank you! <3 

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fall-out-boy-is-gay: Oh my gOD THANK YOU FOR MAKING THIS BLOG I FRIcking love it I love you too <333 Stay rad \m/ 


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musingsofneen: I'm so sorry I just reblogged your entire blog. I hit the end of it! Oh god so much love for this blog! 

haha aw thank you <3

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Hi guys :) I’m Sam, I’m a new admin. I’m currently working on getting a list of band members that we have fetus pictures for, so you dont have to scroll through all of them to find the particular person you’re looking for. It’ll take a while so please have some patience! You can follow me on my personal if you want.